Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let's pretend it's still December 14th

It's been over a month. More than 30 days since I last visited this little blog to go on and on about things that matter to no one else but me. And I realize I should just move on and begin 2010 with a clean slate. But if you would allow me the space, I feel the need to share my Christmas with you. Really, if you want to know the truth, it's more for me to look back on while I'm in Africa so I have a piece of home while away during my favorite time of the year. But I hope in the midst of my musings that you are reminded, even just a few weeks out, the wonder and mystery of Christ's coming. The life He came to give, and the eternal impact that Silent Night had on so many. So, without further delay, welcome to Christmas at my house. I won't bore you to death all at once. I promise.

This little tree in my room has been part of the decor at Christmas time since I moved to Florida. As you know, Christmas begins in my world as early as possible. And, true to form, my mom put it up the first week of November.

Obviously, this is the Christmas tree. Every year, we say it's the prettiest tree we've had. And we said it again this year. Even though the bottom third of the tree is lacking in the ornament department due to two dogs that shall remain nameless. In their defense, they did not take the ornaments off the bottom. We didn't trust them to leave the tree alone, so we started the ornaments higher. There are many special ornaments on this tree that I will share in later posts.
Funny story about my stocking: My brothers both have their names written in glitter. Strangely enough, my oldest brother still has the same stocking he had when we were tiny. So, why do I have candy sprinkles instead of glitter? Well, my mom couldn't remember exactly, but the original stocking I had as a baby was made with candy sprinkles. And then, about 2 years ago, my mom decided that since it had gaping holes in it, it was time for a new one. So, she threw the original in the trash (GASP!) and started to replace it with one written in glitter. And, naturally, I wanted no part in it. So, old-school style, she used Elmer's glue to write my name and put candy sprinkles on top. It's not the original, but it is mine. And I love it.

Advent is the season where we prepare for the arrival of Jesus. It is a season of waiting and anticipation. And, in our house, as a reminder, we don't put Jesus in the manger scene until Christmas morning. Each time I walk past it, my favorite Christmas song "Come Thou Long Expected Jesus" comes to mind. And this year, for some reason, as I looked around me at the world around, I took notice of the affect of Jesus' absence in the lives of so many. And I longed for His arrival in my own life even more.

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