Monday, November 2, 2009

2,220.5 - Things learned along the way

I admit. Silence has become the norm on this blog over the last few weeks. If you have stuck around through this period of drought, I thank you. The lack of posts is not due to a lack of things to say, but rather, a lack of taking time to update. And when a trip is as full as the trip I have just been on, it becomes increasingly difficult to know where to begin.

As you see from the picture above, this trip added 2,220.5 miles to my car in a matter of 16 days. 5 states (6 , if you count Georgia twice), 6 different homes, and 0 new tires later, I look back and see that I learned much along the way. And I hope, over the next few days, to unpack some of what I discovered along the way. At the risk of my obsessive compulsive brain exploding, I’m going to approach the next few updates in a different way: In no particular order. I can’t even believe I just typed that. Join me on the journey from here…to there…and everywhere in between.

...College friends are amazing. I love remembering hilarious old times, and making new memories in the process. Thanks, Yvonne!
...It would not hurt my feelings if Jesus called me to work with college students one day. I spent some time with some pretty amazing students at Asbury, and was so blessed by their desire to follow Jesus and make Him famous.
...The beach in October is still my favorite. No tourists (unless you count me), too early for Snowbirds (aka: slow drivers from the North), and it's not unbearably hot.

...Three year olds are stinkin' cute. Even when they won't take their medicine. (Me and Will aka: Simba at left)
...I do not like Walmart. Period.
...My former students have grown up too fast.
...Planning on 40 people showing up to an event, and 40 people ACTUALLY showing up are very different. There were two events in Panama City, and let's just say I was 50% of the people at one, and 25% at the other. I have leftover cider if anyone wants any. :)

...Apparently, I am the baby whisperer. (See picture at right.)
...There are people who over analyze things just as much as I do. And when the two of you are together trying to analyze the same decision, it's VERY validating for everyone involved. (Love ya, Betsy!)
...There are some seasons in our lives that we simply may never understand. Sometimes, we must learn to move on, despite the massive question marks.

...Laughing with old friends is so good for my soul.
...Drinking out of Auburn and Alabama glasses is much more fun while singing "Rocky Top."
...Teaching the children of Auburn and Alabama fans to say, "GO BIG ORANGE!" is amazing. And fun. And it drives their parents crazy. And I love it.
More to come later...

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  1. love ya jammie! sorry--you now have a new name with us childresses (boy, that looks wrong--did i spell that right??) we miss you --know that you are ALWAYS welcome. seriously. true story. stop it.
    the end.