Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Triple A Saves the Day...Troy, Alabama Style

I have never really liked driving through Alabama. It's a long state that, in my opinion, lacks the "wow" factor in the scenery department. There are 2 landmarks that are sort of interesting, the USA Rocket that welcomes you in, and the peach watertower in Clanton many miles later. But other than that, there's not much to look at, and the road is kind of a weird bumpy kind that makes you feel like you're driving on the rumble strips. (Don't get me wrong. There are some amazing people in Alabama...dear friends of mine even. I just am not a fan of what they have to look at and drive on, is all.)

So, I was driving along 231 circa Troy, Alabama, when I saw something in front of me on the road. I thought I was far enough over to dodge it, but the next thing I know, I hear a loud POP, and suddenly was driving on the rim of my front tire. I coast into the shady Shell gas station (that I have always avoided on EVERY trip through Troy) and come to a stop at probably the most awkward spot in the tiny pea-sized parking lot. I call AAA and they say they will be there in an hour. Keep in mind, this place is pretty shady. While I'm waiting, a lady (who I assume works at the Shady Shell Station) told me to move my car. I told her that I'd love to, but that my tire is non-existent. When AAA did finally show up, the same lady came out and told him to move his truck too. Really? Can you not see that he's trying to FIX MY TIRE?!

So, I had to find my way to a tire place in Troy, Alabama, rolling on 3 tires and a donut. The guys at Troy's Discount Tire on 231 totally redeemed the situation. They took care of my flat tire and got me on my way quickly. As I continued my drive South, I thought to myself, "MAN! Didn't see THAT coming!!" And I learned some things from this:

1. The lady at the Shady Shell Station maybe forgot her glasses that morning.
2. I need to start taking my camera places. (sorry for the lack of pictures. Perhaps on my way back, I'll stop and say thanks to my friend at the Shady Shell Station and take a picture with her...or maybe not.)
3. Unexpected situations, though they cannot be planned for, must be handled with grace just the same. I'm almost certain I need a do-over on this one.

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