Saturday, May 30, 2009

Panama City...A Picture Tour

As promised, I am now bringing you (the 15 who actually read this) a picture tour of my time in Panama City. Mostly pictures, some tiny anecdotes, and randomness (as always). Enjoy!

Brady Man. His parents are good friends of mine from church/work in Panama City. They helped move me out of my apartment when I moved to Indy. AND stored the stuff that wouldn't fit into my car for almost a year. THANKS GUYS!

Baby Addison-One of Brady's little twin sisters. Baby Kennedy was sleeping. I was having interesting hair issues that day and this is the best of the pictures.

If you can believe it, this was the one and only time I made it to the beach in the 2 and a half weeks I was there. OH how I had missed these sandy white beaches.

THIS was hilarious. This guy was buried in the sand, and his so-called "friends" were throwing Doritos on top of him to get the seagulls to bombard him. Obviously, he was unable to do anything about it. Those of you who know my strong dislike for flying creatures...take note. NEVER do this to me. There WILL be consequences.

"Smartie Party with Annika"
Annika wanted to share some of her Easter candy with me. (She calls me Fred). When her mom asked what we were doing, she replied, "I'm having a Smartie Party with Fred and Cool Chick." (Cool Chick is the duck in the lower left corner...he had my sunglasses on his face. It was way too cute.

I dropped Annika's sunglasses in the bay. This is Annika, Heath, and Brenda trying to come up with a plan on how to get them out. They decided to go back and get daddy's fishing net.

YAY! Heath got them out!

"Hey Mom! Look what I caught!"

As the previous picture was being taken, little Heath was playing with the net in the water. And he dropped it. It was a good 4 feet down to the top of the handle from where we were.

Annika and Heath "surveying the damage"

"Here Dad. Hold my ankles and lower me down so I can reach it!"

"Hey Mom! Look what I caught!!"

Well, you know how they say things come in threes? First it was the sunglasses. THEN, it was the net. What could possibly happen next? How about dad uses his MASSIVE truck to roll over Heath's helmet, rendering it completely useless. Good thing it was only his helmet. He almost demolished the bike, but stopped just in time.

All of this happened in a matter of an hour and a half. After this picture was taken, my friend Brenda said, "Okay, Fred, can you go home now?" :)

Will Neeley, "Moo-Cow" Rounder Upper Extraordinaire

Tank Pond...what a beautiful place to call "home away from home"

My time in Panama City was an amazing time to catch up with friends I had not seen in so long. I think the better word would be extended family. The people I worked with, went to church with, and spent time with day in and day out truly became my family away from family. So many people who love me for me, and quickly became some of my biggest fans and cheerleaders. And when I finally took the step of obedience to move home to pursue God's call to Africa, they were quick to say how sad they were, but in the same breath that they believed in what I was headed for. Thank you to all of my church family and Patronis family for your amazing friendship and support. My cup runneth over...


  1. Loved the tour! Praying God's blessings over the relationships that were fortified on that trip! btw... sorry that your nickname is Fred and not Cool Chick!

  2. i am so happy i was able to see you! i treasure our friendship and look forward to more visits in the future :)

  3. It was so great to spend time with you....we felt honored that you were able to make time for us.