Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Whoa. I almost forgot today was Thursday! It's simple things that I'm thankful for today...and some simply profound things as well.

I'm thankful...
1. that we put out our boxed Christmas cards at work today. (I may have a problem. And I hear admitting it is the first step to recovery.)
2. that tomorrow, I will have my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season. And I may (or may not) listen to Christmas music on the way there.
3. for friends who are passionate about life, truth, grace, and seeing those things come alive in this generation.
4. for a mom who goes to play BINGO with my 29 year old brother on a Thursday night and lets me laugh at her.
5. that one of my dearest Christmas traditions will not be thwarted this year by repairs being done downtown.

6. that the rains have begun coming in Arua!! You have surely heard me ask for prayer in this area whether here or through my newsletter. THANK YOU for praying!!

7. for new friendships that come in unexpected seasons, in unexpected ways. Thank you Jesus!

8. for the constant, faithful, persistent love of God.

9. that Blogger tests my patience really well. Sometimes, like now, I want to throw the computer out the window because the format is all over the place.

10. for 4 year old birthday parties and friends who are really like family.

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