Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday...and East Coast Wrap (up)

So, I realized it's taken me almost 3 weeks to fill you all in (and I know you care about every event and detail, yes you do) on a trip that lasted a week and a half. And that's borderline ridiculousness. So, I'm going to combine my "Thankful Thursday" with the wrap up of my east coast trip. Bear with me...there are a lot of pictures. And even a video. I hope you enjoy.

I am thankful for:

1. Friends to get lost in the woods with...and Garmin.

One day, we took a break from camp and went to the Ferg's house to swim. On the way back to camp, the road was closed and we had to "find our own way." We turned down a paved road, and Scott got Garmin out of the glove compartment to help guide the way. All was well until we noticed Garmin was leading us down the paved road that then turned to mud, which then turned to sand. And, yes, the roads had names. And thus began our Non-African African Adventure. I call it that because it felt like we were driving in Africa. Only without the cows and bicycles everywhere. Check out the'll be able to see a bit of what I mean. But, of course, the camera was not on during the BEST examples. (Always happens that way. ALWAYS)

This is Scott and Meg...before the adventure REALLY began.

(One thing you have to know is that the Rambo's blog is called 'On the Road With the Rambo's')

(It had rained HARD the night before, and at one point, the water was all the way across the road. After this picture was taken, we discussed trying to figure out how deep it was. And as Meg and I were discussing this, Scott made the executive decision to GUN IT across. Ummm...let's just say the splash of the water came up over the driver side window)

We returned safe and sound. And look at the excitement on our faces. Let's do that again! And we will. In Africa. I'm sure of it. :)

2. Friends who change tires and help me laugh about a sad situation.

If you recall, in April, I encountered a punctured tire in Troy, Alabama. AAA saved the day that time. Well, needless to say, I now know that as I travel, I should pray specifically for my tires. And that it is my job to let anyone who will listen know that New Jersey has very sharp sewer drains.

After camp, I was following the Hallahan's to their house for a few days of R & R before heading home. Enter extremely sharp sewer drain. It wasn't even a fair contest. My poor tire crumbled under the pressure. (Punctured under the pressure is more appropriate.) The good news: I now have 2 new(ish) tires on my car. Nevermind that they were both obliterated and met their untimely demise.

Who needs AAA when Josh Hallahan can save the day? Thanks, Josh!

And instead of being sad over a flat tire and donut, we decided to have donuts with my donut. I love friends who can help turn a sad situation into a positive one.

3. Amazing people who graciously offer to pay for said tire...teaching me about giving and receiving in a way I couldn't have otherwise learned. Thanks Mark and Brenda. It truly meant the world.

4. For two boys who make waiting for said tire an adventure.

5. Lazy nights with Team Uganda.
Have I mentioned how thankful I am for Team Uganda? This photo is so telling. We had just finished dinner, and were enjoying a relaxing evening together. We are so comfortable with each other. And at various times during this night, each of us came to the realization that this will be a reality in Africa. (and we pointed out some of the differences...we may not be watching the Phillies, and the power may be questionable, but we'll be together). As I have said, they are truly becoming family to me. And I'm forever grateful.

6. New friends...and Philly cheese steaks
After church on my last Sunday, we got a group together to go to Philly for the day. We had such a good time. Here is a picture of my "new friends" and I just outside Jim's, home of the best Philly cheese steak. Since I've tried all of them. (Not true).

(Interesting fact: The kid in the red shirt, upon hearing I am from Indianapolis exclaimed, "OH! You're from Maryland!" Ummmm...No, actually. It was so funny.)

7. Having "nephews" to watch grow

Missionary kids call other missionaries "aunt" and "uncle." So, to the missionary kids, I am Aunt Jamie. Here are two of the MK's that I love so dearly. (You've seen pictures of the Ferg girls and Seth-Man).

Timbo and I playing with the tool bench. Check out that smile. It will melt your heart.

Caleb, standing in the window to get a better view of the kids at camp.

And this concludes the longest blog post ever. If you've made it this far, you're either a glutton for punishment, one of these children's parents, really bored, my mom, or a really good friend. Thank you, and good night.


  1. Or just a very big fan of your hilarious take on life (oh, and also a parent of two of these adorable boys!). So glad you made the trek to minister with us at Delanco! Many good times ahead!

  2. I really enjoyed catching up on your blog! It was a fun read. :) Thank you for letting me share my heart yesterday. I hope you don't think I minimized what you are embarking on. That certainly wasn't my intent AT ALL. :) Blessings and prayers, my friend.