Monday, September 28, 2009

Missionary Spotlight Monday: Praying for Honduras and Bolivia

As a missionary with World Gospel Mission, I have the privilege of working with a tremendous network of people who are advancing the cause of Christ around the world. Not only are they American missionaries, but many nationals are trained to do the work of the ministry as well. Though we may not meet face to face, they are part of the team just the same.

Throughout the week, I receive prayer updates from various fields via e-mails from headquarters. This week, I received two sad updates. Would you join me in praying for Honduras and Bolivia?


WGM has an "arm" of ministry known as
Men With Vision. The Honduran field recently elected their first MWV national President, Marcos Canales. Sadly, while Marcos was coming out of some meetings at his local church, a passing motorcycle rider shot and killed him as he and his family walked toward their car. The motorcycle rider apparently wanted his computer and cell phone.

Please pray:

-for his family He has two small children ages 6 and 2. Pray also
-for his church family
-for clarity as decisions are made about filling his position.


A retreat for national pastors was held last week. Sadly, one of the pastors was hit on the road by a log truck and died yesterday. The pastor’s name was Siprian Vargas. The information I received from headquarters mentions his wife and one daughter. I am unaware of any further relatives.

Please be in prayer for:
-the family. His wife, Marcelina and their daughter. Marcelina does not read, so pray that their daughter will be able to help communicate with well between all parties involved in the proceedings that need to take place. Pray for peace.
-Pastor Siprian's church
-the national church in Honduras. This is the second pastor associated with the churches WGM works with to be buried in a matter of two months.

In both of these tragic situations, will you also join me in praying for the missionaries that serve in Honduras and Bolivia. Pray for them as they minister to the families and churches involved in these situations. Pray for guidance and direction as they speak truth and life into a situation that is dark and difficult. If you want to pray for them by name, check out this page for Honduras, and this page for Bolivia. Thanks for praying. I know God is still in the business of working ALL things together for good.

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