Monday, September 14, 2009

Missionary Spotlight: Team Uganda

Those of you who have been reading my blog since the beginning (all 2 of you) will remember me introducing you to "Team Uganda" back in January. We had some hilarious times in the snow (check out the video of Josh Hallahan and I making snow angels), talking in the kitchen, and beginning our training together.

I realize I have yet to really introduce you to any of them besides the Hallahan's. So, today will be a short and sweet mini-introduction. There will be formal introductions in later Monday blogs. But I'd like you to meet Team Uganda.

Scott, Meg, and baby Tim

When we live in Uganda, Scott, Meg, and baby Tim will be in Arua with me. Their focus will be on pastoral training and women's ministry. (Scott will be training pastors and Meg will be doing the women's ministry, just to make that clear.) And baby Tim, well, he'll just be being cute and making friends with African and missionary children. They currently live with Scott's parents in New Jersey. Will you pray for them as they travel and raise their prayer and financial support? And I can't wait to tell you about our first "Non-African-African-Adventure." But you will have to wait. It's a good one.

Josh, Kelly, Caleb, and Seth

You've met them before, but I thought you should see these pictures from our time at camp. If I learned one thing from being in New Jersey, it was that they sure do love the Phillies. And if you say anything about the OTHER team that is found in Pittsburgh, it could be grounds for removal from all friend lists in some people's minds. The picture to the left is Josh and Seth watching the Phillies game on TV. Yes, they start them young. Seth-man was saying, (or trying to say) "GO PHILLIES!!" when I took this. And another thing I learned was that Caleb (pictured with me to the right) does not go far without his backpack of cars. On the way to the chapel one evening, I noticed we were "matchy-matchy" with our backpacks and had to get our picture taken. Will you continue to pray for the Hallahan boys? They are traveling and need great grace being away from normal schedules and routine.

John, Nancy, Carlie, and Jamie

This family is so precious to me. I adored spending time with each one of them, getting to know them more. John is one of those people who could read the phone book and you'd laugh. So funny. Nancy is a fantastic listener and is quite witty. She loves Jesus and it is so evident that she desires to follow His leading. Their girls are so spunky and full of life. Carlie was so gracious to french braid my hair 43 times a day (slight exaggeration) because I couldn't stand to have it in my face. She has a great heart and I know God will use her in big ways in Uganda. Jamie is so full of life! Oh to have 1/3 of the energy she has. She loves people, and I can see how God will use that to further His kingdom in Uganda. Will you pray for them as they continue to travel and raise their support? The girls have start school this week, and it will be their last school year in the states for 2 years. Pray that His peace and presence would be very real to them.


Pam Wilson was at training in January but was unable to make it to New Jersey for camp. We missed you, Pam!! Pray that Jesus would open doors for Pam to share the heart God has given her for the people of Uganda.

We will all be back together in November for a missions conference in New Jersey. I'm sure there will be far more updates and pictures, maybe even some video, for your enjoyment. I praise God for His provision of amazing teammates who have truly become like family in this journey. What a FAITHFUL God we serve.

Up next: Lost in the Woods-GPS to the Rescue!

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