Monday, June 8, 2009

Missionary Spotlight Monday: Meet the Hallahan's

I would like to take this first "Missionary Spotlight Monday" to introduce you to a family who has become very dear to me. The Hallahan's are Josh, Kelly, Caleb (2 1/2 years old), and Seth (1 year old). I went to college with Kelly, but did not really get to know her well until December of last year when we discovered we will be serving in Uganda together.

Currently living in New Jersey, Josh and Kelly (and their sweet boys) are on the same journey I am of building a team of supporters and prayer warriors in preparation for their time in Uganda. Kelly has always had a heart for missions. At 13, she said "yes" to Jesus' plan for her future. Josh, on the other hand had a longer journey to get to this point. He told his children's pastor at one point that he would do anything in the world except be a missionary. And, he said, if God did convince him to be a missionary, it would never be to Africa. Famous last words, right?

After graduating from Asbury, Kelly spent a year teaching at Heritage International School in Uganda. Josh was still in College back home, and God was beginning to really change his heart for missions. For their first five years together, Josh has been a youth pastor at a church in New Jersey. After getting a bit restless, they began to pray about what the next step would be for their family. It became quite clear that the next step would be to serve Jesus in Uganda with World Gospel Mission.

While in Uganda, their ministry will be focused on two areas. Josh will be the Campus Pastor at Heritage International School (where Kelly taught for a year after college). This is a school in Kampala (the capital of Uganda) that ministers to kids from around the world who call Kampala their home for awhile. As campus pastor, Josh will plan chapels, hang out with the students, and lead the youth group. Many kids at Heritage struggle with their identities and a sense of loneliness that is unique to their situation. People come in and out of their lives pretty quickly, and the Hallahan's will provide a sense of stability, and by doing so, will point them to Jesus. And as a cool by-product, they could potentially go back to their "home culture" as missionaries themselves!

Josh and Kelly will also be doing leadership training and discipleship at Kampala International University, challenging students in their walk with Christ- helping them to grow deeper in their knowledge of and relationship with Him. (The exciting thing about this ministry is only about 1% of Africans reach the university level- so they really have an incredible opportunity to minister to and influence the leaders of the next generation in Africa!)

So, now that you know a little about them, how can you join them in Uganda?

1. Pray! There are some specific things they have asked me to let you know about below:
  • They will move in with Josh's parents on June 22nd. There will be 4 generations under one roof, as Josh's grandmother will also be there. Pray for family dynamics, for peace, and patience.
  • Their support account. They hope to be 35% funded by end of June.
  • Faithfulness in their own relationship with God (prayer and Bible Study) so their hearts are filled continually.
  • Pray for their boys as they travel. That God would give them grace as they go from church nursery to church nursery as Josh and Kelly share God's heart for Uganda at various churches. Pray that this time draws their boys closer to the Lord, and that they would see the excitement that comes when you trust Jesus.

2. If you'd like to know more about the Hallahan's:
WGM website:

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