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Missionary Spotlight Monday: Meet Lisa Fish

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I met Lisa Fish when I spent the summer of 2006 in Uganda. Strangely enough, I think she was only in the country for about 5 days while I was there, but I connected with her very quickly. Being an Asburian who is familiar with Indianapolis didn't hurt, I'm sure. :)
Lisa is originally from New Jersey, where she spent the first 10 years of her life. After completing her high school years in Pennsylvania, she attended a 1-year bible college in Colorado, and then went on to Asbury College in Kentucky. (Quite the traveler already! And she's only in college at this point!) When Lisa is in the states, she calls Zionsville, Indiana home.
While at Asbury, Lisa went to Kenya on a summer trip, where she met many World Gospel Mission missionaries serving on the field there. After this trip, she felt the Lord leading her to apply to become a missionary with WGM. Her first appointment was as a short term "Volunteer in Action" in Bolivia, where she taught Bible and social studies at the Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center. She completed two four-year terms in Bolivia, and was then transferred to the Uganda field, where she is currently serving.
Lisa has a heart for youth. She desires to see them come to know in a real and personal way the freedom and life that Christ has to offer. Her work in Uganda pairs her gifts and her passions perfectly. She teaches history and Bible at Heritage International School (remember Josh and Kelly's story?) She also coordinates youth ministries at HIS, working with about 40 teens in grades 7-12 from about 17 nations.
When she is not at the school performing her duties there, Lisa also has been central in the training of youth pastors in the Africa Gospel Church congregations around Uganda. (The Africa Gospel Church is the network of churches WGM partners with in Uganda). They have about 30 youth pastors in the training program, being discipled as they lead the youth in their areas. Last year they were able to turn the leadership of this ministry over to an African, thus allowing Lisa to "work herself out of a job."
She has also recently taken on the role of Volunteer coordinator for the Uganda field. She plans ministry logistics for the volunteers who come for up to 2 years with the Volunteer in Action program, making sure they are plugged in and engaged for their entire time in Uganda.
It is Lisa's heart that in everything, every interaction, every relationship, every student, and every conversation, that she would minister truth and light in Jesus' name. She said, "I’m here for Jesus. If He chooses to call someone to His heart and salvation through something I can do, so be it." May we all have that same heart's cry wherever we find ourselves.
You can join Lisa and her ministry in Uganda by praying with her:
  • Her ministry at H.I.S- There are social issues like drugs and alcohol temptations as well as simple teen rebellion. Pray for the seeds being planted will take hold and grow as the faculty and staff minister there.
  • Staff needs at H.I.S- This is always a major prayer concern this time of year. Pray the open positions would be filled by those Jesus is calling. Pray for those raising support who are scheduled to arrive in August. Could Jesus be calling you to fill some of these needs?
  • Youth Pastor Training- Pray for faithful youth pastors to assist the main trainer. His name is Mugisha Emmy. Pray for wisdom and guidance for Mugisha as well. He has an amazing heart for the youth of Uganda.
  • Her family- Lisa's mom was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Pray for her surgery on June 25th. Pray for her siblings in the states, Randy and Abby. Pray for her sister Karen (and her family) who are missionaries in Cameroon.

If you'd like to read more about my friend Lisa, feel free to visit one of the following:

1. Her blog

2. Her home on the WGM website

3. Check out this video on YouTube.

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  1. Thanks for letting me know a little more about Lisa. Her name came across my email when I received information that Heritage International School is in need of an English teacher. I am currently praying through God's will regarding all that. I think that I may have had your name mentioned to me as well today, as I was inquiring about how my personal prayer walk with Christ would fit in with WGM's organization. Looking forward to the things God has in store ahead, according to His will. Nice to meet you, Jamie! God bless you as you prepare and raise the support to serve Him in Uganda to serve His precious ones. ~Christine PS I'm from Illinois, and I've been to Asbury, though not studied there, but I have a friend who attended there, and my brother was interested at one time in studying there, as well.