Sunday, June 7, 2009

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You: Missionary Spotlight Mondays

So, I was doing some thinking this week about how to more effectively use my blog. I mean, it's great for me to tell you just how much a brownie can change your life, or tell you what my thoughts are on events from the day, but I kept thinking there could be more.

I've decided to do two things each week with my blog. I'll tell you about one today, as it begins tomorrow.

Missionary Spotlight Monday

Each Monday, I will take the time to introduce you to missionaries in all areas of life. Those who serve in foreign lands, those who serve in the states. Those who train pastors in Africa, and those who write books that make a difference. Missionaries who work with the poor, and those who advocate for them from Omaha, Nebraska. Missionaries who manage a baby center in Kenya, and those who stay home with their babies in the states. Pastors, business people, Vice Presidents of companies. You see, the thing I have heard a lot since pursuing the path of "full-time" missions is that some in the body of Christ tend to think the work of bringing light to darkness and hope to the hurting is set aside for those who uproot themselves and move to a foreign country. The reality is, each of us are called to make a difference where we are. Just because I'm going to Africa doesn't excuse me from being Christ's hands and feet in the meantime. And just because you may not be getting on a plane does not mean that your life cannot have profound impact on others around you here. So, I hope the stories of "real-life" missionaries will somehow reveal this truth to you. My friend Jara always said, "Grow where you're planted." And I will add, "Help others to grow while you grow where you're planted." I hope you will take some time to pray for each of these people on Mondays. We're all in this together.

Come back tomorrow and meet the Hallahan's, missionaries to Uganda.

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  1. grow where you're planted! i forgot i said that! i love your blog!