Monday, July 13, 2009

Missionary Spotlight Monday: Because You Prayed

It's been a month since I started the Missionary Spotlight Monday, and I have gotten some updates on the missionaries I have highlighted here and thought it would be a good thing to update those of you who have been praying. First let me say that all of the people I have heard updates from extend their heartfelt gratitude for your prayers. For the first two, I have basically cut and pasted their own words.

The Hallahan's- "The move went very smoothly, and we are mostly settled in! It will take a little time for it to feel like home, but we're getting there! Our [support account] goal was 35% by now, and we are at 26%- God has faithfully provided a job for Josh while we wait, and he keeps growing our account bit by bit! Keep praying! Consistency in prayer and Bible study is still a struggle as we try to find our new rhythm in a new house. Please continue to pray. The boys [Caleb and Seth] are doing well, and thus far have enjoyed all the churches and nurseries we have visited! It is an ongoing request." -Kelly

Jara Sturdivant- "[Peace, clarity, and sustainability as I work at Word Made Flesh] is a constant need. I want to be in a posture of listening to God and hearing how the Spirit is leading. though we're contracted staff, i do want to be sensitive to how God's leading me. It's actually been a good month so far (with her boss on sabbatical), and I feel like a lot of favor in relationships in the office has happened. Can [praying for restoration and renewal] be on everyone's prayer circle ;). I'm trying to be obedient to being in solitude, so I'm starting off my mornings without the TV and trying to be still and journal. Pray pray pray! Our first pre-marital counseling appointment [with her fiance Kenley] is on Friday. I'm very excited. Lastly, though [my support account] is still negative, I saw an incredible increase last month with some significant one-time gifts." -Jara

Lisa Fish- Though I did not hear from her about many of her prayer requests, I did hear good news about her mom's Thyroid cancer. The surgery went very well, and the doctor was able to remove all of the cancer. AND, they did not find cancer cells anywhere else in her body! I will try to get more updates from Lisa, but it may take some time as she is out of the country.

Thank you for praying for my missionary friends. These people are very dear to my heart, and it means the world that you would pray for them even if you do not know them. Your prayers are making a difference! Thank you.

I'm excited about next Monday when I will introduce you to someone on the front lines of the war on human trafficking. Stay tuned!

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